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Fitment Centre

Aftermarket Accessories & Race Fairing Fitting Service.

motospares.com.au has fitting services available through its in house partnership with Dynoverks Performance Tuning and is able to supply and fit Race Fairing's as well as any other product purchased at motospares.com.au

Dynoverks have full workshop facilities and are at the top of they're game when it comes to motorcycle service, whether it be dyno tuning, servicing or crash repairs. When fitting race fairings there are a number of different types of screws and fittings used in the fitment process and it's important to have a reasonable level of technical ability before you attempt to fit your own fairings. As a further incentive all products purchased from motospares.com.au will receive 20% off the labor rate ($100.00 per hour) charged to fit by the boys @ Dynoverks. Typically a fairing kit will take a little under 5 hours to fit which works out to $400.00 with the 20% discount applied. 

Each type of MotoSpares products has its own level of expertise needed to enable it to be fitted and or tuned to your sports, road or race bike. If your handy with tools and patient enough fitting can be easy enough to achieve, but if your after expert fitment and advise why not take advantage of our partnership with Dynoverks.

If you want to have race fairings or motorcycle accessories fitted but are unsure where to begin, then taking advantage of the Dynoverks professional fitting service in Melbourne may be the best option for you.

If your living outside of Melbourne or are living in another state we have a pickup and delivery service available and we can organize the collection of your bike so any fitting and modifications can be done and then we can arrange to have the bike delivered back to your door. Dynoverks are happy to estimate the cost of shipping your bike door to door and the fitting of aftermarket products to your bike for you. Make an enquiry now! 

Our Package Deals are "track prep" packages that we have put together to help racers / track riders prepare their bikes for the race track. Our fitting partner, Dynoverks are the experts when it comes to what level of track prep you will need in order to qualify for a specific race meet, or just to be safe and competitive at a race or track day
Please note, the package deals listed below are not limited in any way and can be modified to suit customer needs.

Race Fairing deals

  • Fairing kit Fitment - $400.00
    Includes: professional fitting of customer's fairing kit.
  • Fairing kit & Fitment - $1295.00 - $1345.00
    Includes: Fairing Kit & professional fitting (no paint)
  • Fairing kit / Paint / Graphics / Fitting - $1895.00 - $1945.00
    Includes: Fairing Kit with Mulit colour Paintwork and Graphics of your choice from our pre-selection Paint & Graphic schemes, and professional fitting. Click here for Colour/Graphic options
  • Fairings / Custom Paint / Graphics - $1945.00 - $2045.00
    Includes: Fairing Kit with Custom Paintwork & Graphics chosen by customer (detailed images required), & professional fitting. Click here for Colour/Graphic options

Track Prep deals

  • Scrutineering Pass - $380.00 - $550.00
    Designed for setup of bike for race scrutineering pass.
    Includes: Engine covers, Toe Guard, Lockwire & Fitting
  • Protection: $700.00 - $850.00
    Designed for increased protection of Bike and Rider
    Includes: Axle Armour, Crash Nobs, Lever Guards, Braided Brake Lines, Stomp Grip & Fitting.
  • Performance: $995.00 - $1095.00
    Designed to increase motorcycle performance for track application
    Includes: Hi Flow Air Filter, Power Commander install and map

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