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Crash protection is an important part of every modern motorcycle. Whether you're a racer, track day junkie or street rider, the correct crash protection can save you big $$$ in the event of a crash by preventing permanent damage being done to the expensive bits of your bike such as the frame, swing-arm and suspension.

Also, if you are planning to race, engine covers and chain guards are a scrutinizing requirement for most Australian entrants, so it pays to have them sorted before you get to the race, and if you're going to fit engine covers you may as well fit a quality product that will do the job it's designed to do.

At MotoSpares / Roost Industries we've got you covered, with quality crash protection such as MonkeyBones engine covers and toe chain guards, Ozynobs frame sliders and the great looking GBRacing engine covers and chain guards. So while your ordering your new Doctor Glass race fairings why not pick up some serious crash protection to keep your machine of the tarmac and on the podium!