Product Reviews

works well when it sets its like comcrete
Highly recommended
More control and more confidence.
Great product that delivers exactly what it is designed to do. Hold you onto your bike. It seems like a trivial action, but the additional control of your bike it offers is substantial. You no longer
Stomp Grip really helps fast riding
You really notice when its not there, makes it more difficult to maintain your bike position, particularly when the weather is horrible - Wind, Rain
Hang on
OK so I clean and polish my yamaha FZ1 a lot,it's not new but looks good, downside is the tank surface is like glass so it's impossible to grip with knees . Bought and fitted Stomp Grip Uni
More than an accessory - a necessity for Track day
Allows very good grip of the tank, with the knees, improving bike control, with less weight on the arms. Highly recommended.
Stomp Grip great on the everyday ride as well
I fitted stomp grip on my daily ride, a Kawasaki GTR1400. It was easy to fit and the results are excellent. Wasn't sure how much of a difference it would make but it turned out to be a great move.
Thanks guys , all u said it would be and at a good price, delivered.
Don't leave home without it
Awesome,I have it fitted to my track bike, takes so much strain off my wrists, they don't get sore, and helps me corner better. Now have it fitted to my road bike