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Ever tried to take a Banana from a Chimp? We can tell you it’s not easy!!!

This is why we developed our MonkeyBones Chimp Grip Pads to have the same Banana Grip ratio as a hungry Circus Chimp! Next time the Gorillas at the track try to steal your trophy, you can hang on tighter with Chimp Grip!!!

  • Better control through improved contact to tank
  • Less fatigue and arm pump through better use of core muscles
  • Soft gel design to reduce wear to leathers
  • Super strong 3M peel and stick adhesive

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Product Reviews

good product
Seems as good a product as Stomp. Not as ‘course’ a grip as that, but sticks well to a prepared surface and is very gripy.
works well when it sets its like comcrete
Highly recommended