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BREMBO - REAR/FRONT Pads 07BB3235 - Bimota - Derbi - Ducati - Moto Guzzi

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The secret of safe braking has a lot to do with pads. Brembo, a world leading name in brakes, has a full range of high performance pads incorporating vanguard technology designed to improve the safety of the entire braking system.

Offering a wide variety of compounds, from Sintered to Carbon Ceramic, and a big selection of part numbers, Brembo is able to satisfy specific needs presented by motorcycles of every kind – racing, road and off-road. Ft Motospares / Roost Industries we've have a wide range of compounds for our customers to choose from.


07BB32.35 - Selected by motorcycle manufacturers, this is the Carbon Ceramic material developed by Brembo as OEM equipment. The cases where the catalogue code corresponds exactly to the material used on the specific application are highlighted in the catalogues you will find at your local dealer. 
Genuine brake pads are available in various compounds, each of which is characterized by a different friction coefficient. The friction coefficient is expressed with a number that has a value from 1 to 99: the higher the value of this number the higher the friction coefficient of that particular compound will be.



(REAR) TRE 899 K 899 (09-16)


(REAR) DB5 1000 (05-06)
(REAR) DB5 1000 (07-16)
(REAR) DB6 DELIRIO 1000 (06-16)
(REAR) DB7 1098 (08-16)
(REAR) DB6 R DELIRIO 1100 (08-16)


(FRONT) GP1 125 (05-16)
(FRONT) GPR NUDE 50 (04-16)
(FRONT) GPR RACING 50 (04-16)
(REAR) MULHACÉN 659 (06-16)
(REAR) MULHACÉN CAFÉ 659 (08-16)


(REAR) SUPERSPORT 620 S 620 (03-16)
(REAR) SPORT 750 (00-16)
(REAR) SUPERSPORT 750 750 (99-16)
(REAR) SUPERSPORT 750 i.e. 750 (00-02)
(REAR) SUPERSPORT 750 S i.e. 750 (02-16)
(REAR) SUPERSPORT 800 803 (06-16)
(REAR) SUPERSPORT 800 S 803 (03-16)
(REAR) SUPERSPORT 800 SS 803 (03-16)
(REAR) SPORT TOURING 4 900 (99-16)
(REAR) SUPERSPORT 900 900 (98-99)
(REAR) SUPERSPORT 900 i.e. 900 (00-02)
(REAR) SUPERSPORT 900 S i.e. 900 (02-16)
(REAR) SPORT TOURING 4 916 (00-03)
(REAR) SPORT TOURING 4 916 (99-99)
(REAR) SPORT TOURING 4 S 916 (03-04)
(REAR) SPORT TOURING 4 S (ABS) 916 (03-04)
(REAR) SPORT TOURING 2 944 (99-00)
(REAR) ST3 992 (04-16)
(REAR) ST3 ABS, ST3 S ABS 992 (07-16)
(REAR) ST4, ST4 ABS 992 (05-16)
(REAR) SUPERSPORT 1000 992 (06-16)
(REAR) SUPERSPORT 1000 DS 992 (05-16)
(REAR) SUPERSPORT 1000 S 992 (03-16)


(REAR) TTS 800 (99-16)


(REAR) SPIDERMAX GT 500 (04-16)
(REAR) SPIDERMAX RS 500 (09-16)


(REAR) STARFIGHTER RZ 1000 (04-16)


(REAR) MGS-01 CORSA 1200 (05-16)
(REAR) BREVA 750 i.e. 750 (03-06)
(REAR) NEVADA 750 (03-16)
(REAR) NEVADA CLASSIC I.e. 750 (06-16)


(FRONT) MARATHON PRO 125 (09-16)
(FRONT) TANGO 125 (08-16)
(FRONT) TANGO PRO 125 (08-16)
(FRONT) TANGO 250 (08-16)
(FRONT) SMX PRO 50 (08-16)
(FRONT) TANGOO 50 (10-16)


(REAR) CAFE RACER 1000 (01-16)
(REAR) EVO 1000 (04-16)
(REAR) ROADSTER 1000 (01-16)


  • High friction racing pad
  • Consistent breaking at high speeds
  • Much less prone to fade in racing conditions
  • Genuine factory spec brake pad

Please note: You will need to order 1 set per caliper for Twin Disk front end. If you have twin rotors you will need to order 2 X sets of pads.

Please note: If you are unsure which pad fits your bike, or you cannot find the pads for your model bike in our store, or if we are "out of stock" - please contact us as we will be able to sort it our for you :)

Please note: Product photos may not represent the exact shape of the pad listed - please check the technical drawing above for exact pad shape.

Bedding-in: this is a particularly important procedure for all compounds, and crucial for the RC compound. The pads are bedded in by applying the brakes lightly several times and ending with a firm bite, leaving a pause between one squeeze and the next. This will produce the correct heating and cooling cycle needed to prepare the system. The duration of the bedding-in period depends on the type of compound: generally longer for organic compounds than for sintered. 


SKU 07BB32.35
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