At Doctor Glass we offer Paint, Graphics & Fitting options, as well as a fantastic range of Track Ready Packages designed to get you set up for racing or track days. Please click text links below for more info.

- Paintwork for VIC customers
- Pre-Paint

- Pre-Paint purchase options
- Pre-Paint prices
- Pre-Paint - colour/graphics options

- Package Deals & Price List
- Interstate shipping options

Paintwork for Victorian Customers

We can have your fairing kit painted locally and/or fitted at our partner workshop Dynoverks Motorcycle Engineering in Boronia, Victoria.
Please see prices below. 

You can see a picture below of a CBR1000RR 08-11 job that was fitted in-house at Dynoverks and painted locally through our partner painter. Note that this was a three colour paint job with no graphics. The stickers were added afterwards by the customer.

1 X Base Colour (no metallics) - $700.00
Every Extra Colour - $100.00
Specialty Paints such as Metallics or Satin Finishes - price on enquiry
Complete custom paintwork - price on enquiry

Standard fitting $400

If you want to have a race fairing or motorcycle accessories fitted but are unsure where to begin, then taking advantage of the Dynoverks professional fitting service in Melbourne may well be the best option for you.
Feel free to contact us with an enquiry at any time.

Honda CBR1000RR 2009 - X 3 colours painted locally
Fairing kit CBR1000RR 08-11 - $945.00
Fitting @ Dynoverks - $400.00
Local paintwork (3 x Colours - no graphics) - $900.00
Total cost - $2245.00

Pre-Paint Fairing Kits

PLEASE NOTE - Unfortunately, due to problems with damage to paintwork during shipping, all our Pre-Painted fairing kit options are on hold until we find a proper solution. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Our Dr Glass Pre-Painted fairing kits are by far the best value for money on the market. Instead of the typical process of fitting the fairing kit to your bike, then having the paintwork done locally at a premium price, we can have them Pre-Painted where they are made. because of the low labour rates at our offshore production facility, we can offer significant savings on paint and graphics applications.
Typically, a quality four colour paint job with custom graphics done locally will cost upwards of $2000.00. At our production facility, we can achieve the same results and produce high quality, multicolour, custom graphics jobs for around $600.00! This is a huge saving compared to locally produced work.
Also, the quality of our Pre-Paint work far exceeds the quality of much of the work we have had done locally! All colours are laid done, then graphics are applied before a final clear coat that seals the colour base and graphics. Clearcoat over graphics is usually only seen on factory paintwork, not race/track bikes.

If you click here to view our customer bike page, you can easily see the quality of the work we have done on many customers bikes to date. The bikes that we have done for existing customers have been far and away some of the best looking race bikes we have seen anywhere! But don't just take our word for it, here's some feedback from the owner's of these bikes.

I can say that I'm one super stoked customer as I brought my CBR1000RR new in 2010 and love it but realized that I was loving track days more than riding on the road. A track conversion was what I wanted but didn't want some crappy looking fairings on my pride and joy! To be honest it couldn't have looked any better! And the boys at Doctor Glass & Dynoverks did a killer job, great paint finish and great fit very happy.
- Ben
- Pictured below - Konica Minolta CBR1000RR 2010 
- Dr Glass fairings + Paint + Graphics + Fitting - cost $1945.00

I paid $1495.00 for my GSXR600 kit with a complete factory race paint job! The paintwork and graphics are first rate and the fairings fit nicely. Couldn't be more happy, thanks Dr Glass!
- Jessy
- Pictured Below - GSXR600 2010
- Dr Glass Fairing Kit + Paint + Graphics - $1495.00


Can I purchase Pre-Painted fairings?

At Doctor Glass, we offer a couple of options for our customers wanting Pre-Painted fairing kits.

Option 1 - In house fitting.
Our in house fitting option is really the ultimate in race prep services. All you have to do is pick the paintwork & graphics you want (see below for options). When the fairings are ready we will give you a call so you can drop the bike off at Dynoverks (our fitting centre in Boronia Victoria) and we will do the rest for you!
A typical Pre-Paint kit with multiple colour paint and custom graphics professionally fitted to your bike costs around $1895.00 for the whole job! When you consider that a locally made fairing kit fitted, with custom multicoloured paintwork and graphics is conservatively around $3500.00, it 's not hard to see why our Pre-Paint option is huge value for money.
Please contact us to book your bike in.

Please note: Due to the current huge demand for Pre-Painted kits, lead time is now approx 9 - 11 weeks to produce, paint and ship.

Option 2 - Pre-Painted kit delivered.
Unfortunately, Due to the extra difficulty level involved in fitting Pre-Painted fairing kits, as well as the fact that we can not offer refunds on Pre-Painted kits once they have been delivered safely, we do not ship Pre-Painted kits to new customers.
However, if you are an existing customer and have already purchased and fitted our fairings in the past. Or you are skilled enough and are able to discuss with us previous fit ups you have done in the past, as well as make us feel comfortable that you have reasonable skills for fitting fibreglass race fairings and understand the potential pitfalls of ordering fairings with paintwork. We can discuss the option of having a Pre-Painted kit delivered directly to you.

Please contact us to discuss further.
Please note: Due to the current huge demand for Pre-Painted kits, lead time is now approx 9 - 11 weeks to produce, paint and ship.

What are the costs?

  • Single colour no graphics - Add $550 to fairing kit price
  • Multi colour with graphics - Add $600.00 to fairing kit price
  • Custom multicolour with graphics - Add $650.00 to fairing kit price
  • Fitting - Add $400.00 to fairing kit price

Please note: Pre-Painted kits do not cover the tank on kits that do not come with a tank cover as standard, so you should choose a colour / graphics scheme with your original tank colour in mind.
All Honda kits do have tank covers painted as part of the Pre-Paint service.

What are the colour / graphics options?

The sky's the limit when it comes to choosing your bike's colour and graphics options. We can produce almost any custom paintwork you like as long as we have detailed images of the bike you want us to copy.
You can pick your favourite Moto GP or World Superbike design.
This website (click here - no affiliation to us) has many different colour / graphics options that you can use for inspiration. You might like to simply pick a paint / graphic design from this site, or you could pick one of these designs and modify it slightly to suit your taste (custom job).
Or you may want us to reproduce the paintwork and graphics on a bike you previously owned. As long as you have detailed images, we can do the work!

Please note: Pre-Painted kits do not cover the tank on kits that do not come with a tank cover as standard, so you should choose a colour / graphics scheme with your original tank colour in mind.
All Honda kits do have tank covers painted as part of the Pre-Paint service.

Package Deals

Please note, the package deals listed below are not limited in any way and can be modified to suit customer needs.

Race Fairing deals

  • Fairing kit Fitment - $400.00
    Includes: professional fitting of customer's fairing kit.
  • Fairing kit & Fitment - $1295.00 - $1345.00
    Includes: Fairing Kit & professional fitting (no paint)
  • Fairing kit / Paint / Graphics / Fitting - $1895.00 - $1945.00
    Includes: Fairing Kit with Multi colour Paintwork and Graphics of your choice from our pre-selection Paint & Graphics schemes, and professional fitting.
  • Fairings / Custom Paint / Graphics - $1945.00 - $2045.00
    Includes: Fairing Kit with Custom Paintwork & Graphics chosen by the customer (detailed images required), & professional fitting.

What are our Interstate shipping options?

Our rates for Pre-Painted fairing kits are so good it can still be economically viable to ship your bike to us if you do not live in Victoria.
We offer an interstate shipping service, see below for details:

  • Sydney / Adelaide metro - $550.00 return
  • Brisbane metro - $750.00 return
  • Sydney / Adelaide non-metro - price on enquiry
  • Brisbane non-metro - price on enquiry
  • All other states - price on enquiry