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The GIpro is a Motorcycle Gear Indicator with a built-in Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator. This combo unit is not only the most advanced Gear Indicator on the market, but also the best TRE device available for selected Suzuki and Kawasaki motorcycles.

Gear Indicators compute gear position from engine and wheel speed, while the GIpro reads the Gear Position Sensor directly. This is why the GIpro gives faster and more reliable readings under any conditions.

The built-in Advanced TRE improves part-throttle response in lower gears. It will also improve low end torque at full throttle and disable the speed limiter on certain bike models. By default this function is turned off, and can be activated by the touch of a button. ATRE combines all the benefits of different types of TRE available today, in one single unit. ATRE is a Switchable + Remappable + Smart + Automatic TRE.

Auto Brightness Controller ensures that display brightness is always optimal. The sensitivity level can be even fine tuned if desired.

The GIpro works well with, or without other aftermarket electronics, such as the Power Commander and Speedohealer. The unit installs in about 10 minutes on most bikes and works out of the box. No cumbersome learning process is involved.


Why are GIpro Gear Indicators so popular?

Fast and accurate

Instant and accurate indication of selected gear for added control and safetyIt's not like competing products that all suffer from lag and incorrect readings. The GIpro reads the Gear Position Sensor directly, while other units, such as Acumen DG8 and Datatool DiGi compute gear position from engine and wheel speed. This leads to unreliable readings, especially at lower road speeds. Also, these units indicate wrong gear when the clutch is slipping or disengaged.


Unlike other designs, the GIpro incorporates an advanced microchip with sophisticated algorithm to filter out glitches and noise patterns on the gear position signal. The GIpro is the ONLY indicator currently available that works 100% reliably on supported Suzuki and Kawasaki bikes.

Quick installation


Plug-n-go wiring harness, easy to mount display. Complete installation can be done in about 10 minutes on most Suzuki motorcycles (approx. 30 mins on Kawasakis). No need to remove the fairings and uninstall the instrument cluster, as with other gear indicators.
Works out of the box
The GIpro is pre-programmed to fit most bikes "out of the box. However, if needed, it learns the gear positions automatically. This ensures compatibility with all Suzuki/Kawasaki EFI bikes, and avoids the cumbersome learning process required by similar products.
Large, effective display
1 inch, extra bright display, housed in a compact box. Supplied in High Efficient Red and Blue.  All functions can be easily accessed with the button under the display. No need to insert a separate "programming key" (Acumen DG8) or grounding a wire (Datatool DiGi).
Auto Brightness Control
The brightness of the display varies with the ambient light intensity. The sensitivity of the sensor can be even fine tuned if desired. Random and rapid changes in light intensity are ignored to ensure the display will not flicker during the ride.
Auto Stand-by
This feature makes it possible to connect the power lead directly to the battery terminal. When ignition is turned off, the unit enters into low power mode and consumes 3mA only.
Robust design

30 day money back guarantee & 2 year replacement warranty, Waterproof housing, Microchip on board, full SMD-design, Flash memory to store user settings even with the battery disconnected
In case of connection or power failure, the TRE mode reverts back to Normal operation.  Only inspected, high quality components are built in.  Each unit is extensively tested prior to shipping, guaranteed to work




Part numbers and application list

Available display colors: RED (-RD) and BLUE (-BL)


GSX-R600 (2001-2011), GSX-R750 (1998-2011), GSX-R1000 (2001-2011),
GSX1400 (2001-2009), SV1000 (2003-2009), TL1000R/S (1998-2003)
also fits Cagiva Navigator (2000-2006), Cagiva Raptor 1000 (2000-2006)

GSX1300R Hayabusa (1999-2011), DL1000 V-Strom (2002-2011), GSF650 Bandit (2007-
2008), GSF1250 Bandit (2007-2011), Boulevard C109R/T (2008-2011), M90 (2009-2011),
M109R/R2 (2006-2010), Intruder C1800R (2008-2011), M1500 (2009-2011), M1800R
(2006-2010), VLR1800 (2008-2011), VZ1500 (2009-2011), VZR1800 (2006-2010)
also fits Kawasaki KLV1000 (2004-2006)

SV650 (2003-2011)
also fits Cagiva Raptor 650 (2003-2008)

DL650 V-Strom (2004-2011)

TL1000S (1997 only)

Boulevard C50 (2005-2011), C90 (2005-2010), M50 (2005-2011),
Intruder C800 (2005-2011), M800 (2005-2011), C1500 (2005-2010),
VL800 Intruder Volusia (2005-2011), VL1500 Intruder (2005-2010), VZ800 Marauder


ZX-10R (2004-2005)

ZX-10R (2006-2011)

ZX-14 (2006-2011), ZZR1400 (2006-2011),
Concours 14 (2008-2011), 1400GTR (2008-2011)


Rocket III Standard/Touring (2004-2011)
GIPRO-K04 (w/o ATRE)
ZX-12R (2000-2003)

Vulcan 2000 (2004-2007), VN2000 (2004-2007)

Vulcan 1700 (2009-2011), VN1700 (2009-2011)

Rocket III Roadster (2010-2011)



Brand Heal Tech Electronics
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Shipping Length 0.050m


Prefect Aid for Suzuki Bandit 1250

By: on 15 August 2014
Does what it is advertised to do. No problems I know what gear I'm in at any time. Recommend this product to everyone.

GIPRO-S02 fitted to a M109R - Good Stuff

By: on 29 May 2014
Purchase price is up there but for what it offers in return is well worth it.

Healtech GIpro on a Kawasaki Versys 1000

6 September 2013
Very neat product and easy to install. Only a single connection point under the seat so there was no confusion as to where to connect. A bit fiddly running the cable to to the instrument panel. Very good on the twisties to know what gear you are in rather than trying to compute tacho to speedo when in the middle of a set of bends

Healtech GIpro on a 1250 Bandit

By: on 2 September 2013
Great product, easy to fit, all gears were found straight out of the box, no set up. Seems to have more down low, off the line, and I've stopped doing the 2 foot shuffle at the lights to make sure it's in first. I'm more confident coming into corners, knowing I'm not going into 1st and locking the back wheel.

Gipro- SO1

By: on 12 March 2013
Have only had it fitted for a few weeks and love it. Easy to fit and works brilliantly. Would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a gear indicator that does a bit more. The ATRE certainly improves performance in the lower gears.With the 1400 I use to get lost which gear I was in, not any more. Fantastic.

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