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"For price, convenience and use, the RaceChrono is a very impressive package."

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Since trying this system i have ousted my old XT Timer and am loving this GPS Setup. 
The things it can do have amazed me! 

I would highly recommend this Lap Timer to anyone, Track dayers, or the serious racer who demands it all. This Thing can do it! 
Also represents EXCELLENT value for money when you consider the price of other GPS Lap Timers.. 

I have used this system at the island and eastern creek, and can not fault it. 
It has more features than i know what to do with.... 

It will be the next big thing on most riders wishlist when word gets around, i can assure you...

- Daniel


Those lap timers are friggin awesome!!!  Finally got to eastern creek the other day to use it, very easy to use, the amount of information is incredible.
A lot of people asked me about it and were amazed so hopefully a few sales there.  A great tool, definitely helped lower my times.

- Darren


Just thought I would let you know in comparison with a transponder used all day at Eastern Creek as part of a race school the GPS timer was showing a difference of between 1 thousandth of a second or less.
Very good product.
- Dan


Hi Guys, Just took my race chrono out for the first time to the track and I love it, gave me great info, what a fantastic bit of kit.
- Warwick


I was expecting that there’d be so many features that I’d struggle to get it functioning correctly for first race (within a week of receiving the unit) or perhaps find it confusing. Fitted it, raced came back in, viewed the data, and was thrilled with the detail and almost infinite level of analysis you can perform just on a single lap!! Let alone an entire race or session... It was very intuitive, and I didn’t even download the PC software! 
- Chris


I think it is a pretty awesome device. There is so much functionality to it. And for track junkies it is a huge plus to be able to get/view track data from other data loggers. It even does little things like play music/video and show photos.
- Donnie


I believe the more people I talk to at the race track about this product the more people will flock to purchase it
- Rudi


So easy it's ridiculous.
- Wayne


I highly recommend the Racechrono.. especially the Pro version. For the functionality it provides it is very good value for money.
- Mark A


I have used racechrono on my phone before but this is so much easier. I have also mounted it on the bike. Would give it 10.
- Mark P


It performed better than I expected, very accurate with the race timing at the track. abundance of other useful information as well.
- Alex P


Love that you can look back on all your data and see where you can improve.
- Ross D


Vey, very easy to use, thanks. In fact, it was brilliant.
- James D

“Thanks guys, the Racechrono really helped me put down some good lap times throughout the season, it's a great tool to use for lap data reference and it really helped in the 20 minute quali's. With the coloured sector split function, I could keep my head down during a quick lap and still know if I was on the pace"
- Dean Oughtred #88