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Weekend Warriors Victorian Trail Riding Guide books I + II combo pack.

Two great books for only a little extra!
Total of 41 Riding Locations within Victoria with Maps... This is the ultimate Trail Riders book, never run out of places to ride again!

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Introduction from Weekend Warriors II 

Bush.... The final frontier, these are the voyages of the Weekend Warriors. Their five year mission, to explore new land, to seek out new tracks and hill climbs, to boldly go where no rider has gone before.

Thanks to our readers and sponsors, "Weekend Warriors I" was a huge success which in turn paved the path for this, our second production: but with this realization came a big responsibility. By that, I mean the obligation we had to get out there and put together a book that was far superior to our first edition and this is something I think we have achieved with room to spare.

It's been a dream come true for us, being able to ride for a living. We have had an absolute ball researching the many places in this book and have had all kinds of ups and downs along the way however, one thing still rings true, we absolutely love to ride! Like every other trial bike rider out there we just can't get enough dirt in our teeth to satisfy the passion for riding that keeps us coming back for more and more. I think it's the fear factor, I mean you can get on a dirt bike and the only thing that slows you down is you. There are no cops, no traffic lights and no speed limits. The only limits are the ones that rise up in your stomach when you're 80km plus and way too hot for the next corner. Really, how many other petrol driven sports are so accessible and give you such a rush without resulting in huge fines or fees? Not many!

Not only that, there's the sense of adventure that comes from riding out into the middle of nowhere, to places you can only access on a bike, plus the freedom of just being on two wheels. Honestly, what kind of red blooded Aussie bloke would not be champing at the bit for a big weekend of camping, fishing and ball tearing, two wheeled action? Well, that's what this book is all about.

If you've read the introduction from "WWI" you'll know that we're just a bunch of enthusiastic riders that wanted to spread the word about all the fantastic destinations Victorian riders had on offer. Problem with that was we had no experience, little funding and not a lot of time to do all the things we wanted to do to make the book perfect. That aside "WWI" did extremely well (thanks to all our readers) and that put us in a position to get out there and make this second book into exactly what we think it should be and what we think you, the reader, wanted. The experience and know how we gained when producing the first book combined with some welcome backing from Yamaha, along with many other dedicated sponsors (check out the sponsors page) has made a huge difference to the quality and content of this book.

For "Weekend Warriors II" we have travelled even further out from Melbourne in search of the best tracks, campsites and fishing spots. Unlike "WWI" this book concentrates on venues that are more suited to weekend trips with a few that are close enough for day rides. The maps are bigger with more detail, recommended loops (where possible) and "Point to Point" rides, and instead of the "Tech Tips" section included in "WWI" we have included a comprehensive "Riders Tips" section, plus a few pages on setting up your bike and buying your gear.

This is it! We have put everything into making this book into the best Victorian Trail Riding Guide money can buy and we hope you get as much out of it as we did putting it together. 

Click here to see a sample map from WWII

List of locations and maps in Weekend Warriors II

Wye River  
State Forest  
Strathbogie Ranges South  
Strathbogie Ranges North  
The Pines  
Sheepyard Flats  
Stockmans Reward  
Big River  
Gaffneys Creek  
Woods Point  
La Trobe
State Forest  
State Forest  

Introduction from Weekend Warriors I

It's 9:30 am and we are all gearing up for a full day on the throttle. The boys are warming up their bikes and the air hangs heavy with the smell of fuel, oil and the eager anticipation of the day ahead. For some, it is an escape from the trials and tribulations of every day life, for some it is a race that lasts the whole day, and for some it is the feeling of adventure you get from riding to a place so remote it can only be easily reached on a trail bike. Whichever way you look at it, dirt bike riding is a lot of fun for anyone who is willing to give it a go.

Shaun, Andy and I have been riding together for a few years now and our desire to seek out new places to explore has taken us to many different parts of Victoria . We have found a myriad of tracks that ride very differently at different times of year. We have found some spectacular views, fishing spots, camp sites and terrain that forms jumps and berms the likes of a freshly prepared motorcross track. We believe it is this sense of discovery that keeps us returning again and again to the forests and bush land of Victoria .

After we exhausted all our local knowledge on places that we could ride we turned to the Melbourne Map Centre in Chadstone in the hope of finding a book on the subject. Sure there were 4wd discovery books and even a few mountain biking books, but there were no books directed specifically at trail bike riding. Now I can't be 100% sure of the facts, but if I were to take an educated guess, I would have to say that there are more dirt bike riders than 4wd'ers and mountain bikers combined. We were stunned to learn that we dirt bike riders had been so obviously neglected and we resigned ourselves to reading our own maps and finding our own places to ride.

After a while our friends began to call to ask us where they could ride and which places are best when it's wet or dry etc. Well, it didn't take a brain surgeon to work out that something needed to be done about this so we took matters into our own hands, and this is what we have come up with.

This book is intended for all those weekend warriors that have run out of places to ride. For all the people that have ever asked the question, "Do you know any good places to ride?" And for all the people who have just discovered the rush of dirt bike riding and don't yet posses the local knowledge required to put them in the best location to learn the skills required to be a part of this increasingly expanding sport.

So the next time you hear someone ask, "Do you know any good places to ride around Melbourne?" Tell them about this book and save them the time and effort it takes to find fresh tracks to rip up. 

List of locations mapped in Weekend Warriors I

Moggs Creek  
Paddys Swamp  
Anglesea (Jump Park no longer open)
Wombat West  
Wombat East  
Mt Disappointment South  
Mt Disappointment North  
Kinglake West  
Marginal Road  
Gypsy Lane
Dom Saddle  
Paul’s Lane  


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23 May 2017
I had the first version which someone borrowed replaced with a new set. Well worth every cent. Great work guys.

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