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HOT HOOPS D3 - Analogue Tyre Warmers

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D3 Tyre Warmers


Hot Hoops D3 Tyre warmers are a simple and more affordable option to our digital range. The D3 warmers have a switch that controls a thermostat with 3 preset temperature settings 60°C, 80°C and 95°C. They are a perfect choice for track day junkies and racers on a budget. They will work perfectly on all street and race tyres.

  • Three position thermostat - 60/80/95 degrees Celsius
  • Indicator led light shows when charging
  • Kevlar insulation
  • Nomex heat resistant inner fabric
  • 12 month warranty against factory defects
  • 190/200 - Rear tyre 190/17 to 200/17 and all fronts recommend for 1000cc bikes
  • 180/190 - Rear tyre 180/17 to 190/17 and all fronts recommend for 600cc bikes
  • 160 - Rear tyre 140/17 to 165/17 suited to 250cc & Super Motard bikes
  • 125 - Rear tyre 120/17 to 140/17 - and all fronts - recommended for 125cc GP bikes
  • 12" - will fit all Metrakit 70cc & 80cc Junior race bikes
  • Power output: Front 450W - 500W Rear 500W - 600W
  • Available in: Red/Black for all models expect 125 and 12" sizes (black only)
  • Also available for purchase inividually - front or rear - (180/190 & 190/200 size only)


  • 190/200 - 190/200 - will fit 190/50/17 to 200/70/17 & front 110/70/17 to 125/80/17
  • 180/190 - 180/190 size - will fit rear 180/50/17 to 190/55/17 & front 110/70/17 to 125/80/17
  • 140/165 - will fit 140/60/17 to 165/70/17 & front 110/70/17 suited to 250GP & super Motard
  • 125 - will fit rear 120/70/17 to 140/70/17 & front 90/80/17 suited to 125cc GP bikes
  • 12" - will fit all Metrakit 70cc & 80CC

D3 warmers have a 3 position switch marked:
I or M - 80°C - recommended for dry track, road tyres and slicks.
0 or L - 60°C - recommended for wet track, road and wet racing tyres.
II or H - 95°C - recommended only for some specialty racing slicks.

Please note: Some of the pics above show the switch on our older model D2 tyre warmer (only two positions), all D3 warmers sold now have a 3 position switch with 3 temp settings

Note: Make sure you read the instructions carefully before use!
The life of your Tyre warmers can be greatly increased by taking care note of a few simple rules...

  • Do not leave power on when not fitted! Thermostats do not function correctly whilst warmers are not fitted to the tyre. Leaving tyre warmers on whilst not on the tyre will damage them irreparably. Hot Hoops Tyre Warmers are not covered against damage caused by poor fitting or leaving the power on whilst not fitted the tyre.
  • Make sure you fit them correctly! Poor fitting can especially occur when using tyre warmers on a bike with a small, low profile, rear street tyre such as 180/55/17. In this situation be careful not to overlap the warmer too much as overlapped areas can over heat. Make sure that the warmer is fitted evenly and contacting snuggly around the whole tyre. Areas that are not contacting the tyre properly can be prone to overheating and buring the kevlar lining.


SKU 211
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HOT HOOPS D3 - Analogue Tyre Warmers

By: on 4 January 2020
Great product, great price, thanks heaps!

Great warmers!

By: on 19 January 2019
1st of the service provided by motospares is excellent, warmers arrived to my work within a couple of days and we're packed neatly. The warmers them selves are faultless! You out them on and flick the power on and warm up the tyres nice and evenly. Velcro straps are of good quality and also noticed they come with some temperature gauges/probes that weren't mentioned in the description... Overall very happy and look forward to dealing with Motospares again

Great service

By: on 8 March 2018
Excellent service, even rang me in Nz to clarify a colour choice that was not available at the time, prompt delivery and once opened very happy with the quality, cheers will recommend to other track day riders in NZ.

great service

By: on 2 October 2017
I'm very happy with my purchase. I'm sure my grandson will also be very happy with the Hot Hoops. As they were out of stock for awhile, I made contact and found the person on the other end of the phone extremely helpful and obliging Thank you

Great value for money

By: on 1 March 2017
I purchased these tyre warmers after weeks of researching different brands and types. I am really happy with my purchase. I fitted the warmers to my bike and tested each of the three heat settings using an Infra-Red thermometer and each time, the temps were within a couple of degrees of the setting. My only complaint with the product is that the zip on the carry bag bag broke in the closed position (so I had to force/break it open next time I used them).

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