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HOT HOOPS - Digital Tyre Warmers

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Digital Tyre Warmers

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Let's face it, a tyre warmer is a pretty simple piece of equipment and does not need to be made of space-age materials and super expensive circuitry, sending the retail price through the roof! It just needs to made of quality materials, it needs to heat your tyre to the desired temp, and it needs to be reliable. Hot Hoops Tyre Warmers are just that! A straight forward Tyre Warmer, made to be simple to use, constructed from readily available quality materials and parts, and designed to be reliable and durable with a retail price that doesn't leave you thinking "Hey, isn't that just a glorified electric blanket?"
Why would you pay more?

Hot Hoops Digital Tyre Warmers are our top shelf Tyre Warmer designed for use with tyres that require a greater temperature range than 60°C - 80°C - 90°C. With full digital control, you can manually set temps from 0°C to 109°C, perfect for tyres such as Dunlop Ntecs that work better with a higher pre-track heat temp in the rear to stop initial "cold tear", a condition that results from the rubber in the tyre "tearing" because it is not warm enough and therefore not in its optimal flex range.
The ability to manually set progressive tyre warmer temps can also be useful on days with excessive ambient temperature.


  • Digital Temp Control
  • Digital indicator light shows when heating
  • Kevlar insulation
  • Nomex heat resistant inner fabric
  • 12-month warranty against factory defects
  • 190/200 - Rear tyre 190/17 to 200/17 and all fronts recommend for 1000cc bikes
  • 180/190 - Rear tyre 180/17 to 190/17 and all fronts recommend for 600cc bikes
  • 160 - Rear tyre 140/17 to 165/17 suited to 250cc & Super Motard bikes
  • Power output: Front 450W - 500W Rear 500W - 600W
  • Available in: Red/Black for all models except 160, 125 and 12" size (black only)
  • Also available for purchase individually - front or rear - (180/190 & 190/200 size only)


  • 190/200 - 190/200 - will fit 190/50/17 to 200/70/17 & front 110/70/17 to 125/80/17
  • 180/190 - 180/190 size - will fit rear 180/50/17 to 190/55/17 & front 110/70/17 to 125/80/17
  • 140/165 - will fit 140/60/17 to 165/70/17 & front 110/70/17 suited to 250GP & super Motard

Note: We also have D3 12" warmers that will fit all 70cc & 80cc Metrakit junior race bikes - See D3 Warmers

Note: Make sure you read the instructions carefully before use!
The life of your Tyre warmers can be greatly increased by taking careful note of a few simple rules...

  • Do not leave power on when not fitted! Thermostats do not function correctly whilst warmers are not fitted to the tyre. Leaving tyre warmers on whilst not on the tyre will damage them irreparably. Hot Hoops Tyre Warmers are not covered against damage caused by poor fitting or leaving the power on whilst not fitted to the tyre.
  • Make sure you fit them correctly! Poor fitting can especially occur when using tyre warmers on a bike with a small, low profile, rear street tyre such as 180/55/17. In this situation be careful not to overlap the warmer too much as overlapped areas can overheat. Make sure that the warmer is fitted evenly and contacting snugly around the whole tyre. Areas that are not contacting the tyre properly can be prone to overheating and burning the Kevlar lining.



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By: on 9 July 2018
worked impressively easy to use

great price n 100% back up

By: on 24 February 2018
ive sold and recommended 4 other sets to guys racing and have never had any issue, mine are 4 yrs old and 100% perfect heating everytime. Theses guys have stood by these products and you can be assured of there service look no where else.

great warmers at a great price

19 February 2018
This is my second set , first set last me 3 1/2 years off racing , and to be fair they took a bit off punishment in the heat off racing kaios. They always bought Tryes to correct temperature as I check it regularly with my heat gun . Big digital display makes it easy to read and easy to tell if some fool has tripped on your power lead and unplugged them . That's why I didn't think twice when I needed another set , hothoops all the way !

Hot hoops work well

By: on 26 January 2018
Good product works well prompt delivery

Awesome product at an awesome price

By: on 21 December 2017
Extremely fast processing and delivery. The tyre warmers work a treat and look great too. The product is A++ and tyre is heated evenly. I would defiantly recommend this product.

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