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Tyre warmers are and essential item. If you are planning on doing any more than two track days then you should purchase warmers now!
This is why...

  1. Tyre warmers are a HUGE insurance policy - Too many times we have seen beginners crash at the track because of 'cold tyres'. Tyre warmers ensure you do not end up crashing because of cold tyres and no grip. Pretty simple.
  2. They increase tyre life - If you do not use Tyre Warmers then you'll run your rear tyre through 5 or 6 intense heat cycles throughout the day at the track. This hot/cold action causes the tyre to 'go off' after a while, and even though you may have heaps of tread left, the tyre will not be as sticky and grippy. Tyre Warmers prevent this from happening.
  3. They pay for themselves - If you are doing more than 2 track days a set of Tyre Warmers will pay for themselves because you are not wasting two laps a session 'heating' your tyres up before you 'push hard' on the 3rd lap. That's 10-12 laps a day! A set of Tyre Warmers will allow you to 'hit it hard' right from the first lap!

At MotoSpares / Roost Industries we have taken the time to develop tyre warmers from quality materials and sell them at an affordable price, for everyday racers and tack day junkies.

Let's face it, a Tyre Warmer is a pretty simple piece of equipment and does not need to be made of super expensive materials and pricey expensive circuitry, sending the retail price through the roof! It just needs to be made of quality materials, it needs to heat your tyre to a desired temp, and it needs to be reliable.
Well... we have produced just that! A straight forward Tyre Warmer, simple to use, constructed from readily available quality materials and parts, and designed to be reliable and durable, with a retail price that doesn't leave you thinking "Hey, isn't that just a glorified electric blanket?" Why would you pay more?

Check out our warmers, and you'll work out pretty quickly that you don't need to pay the earth for a quality long lasting product, with a 12 month warranty, that just works like it's supposed to.